Online Statements for Funderware users

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    Save time and money by providing online statements!

FullPace Web Solutions
announces the availability of FWUpload, a utility to upload your Funderware financial statements to a new online service.  If you are a United Methodist Foundation that uses Funderware 2007, now you can provide online statements for your account holders.

Your United Methodist Foundation can save a lot of time and money each month by providing online statements to its account holders, and it is very convenient for them as well.  They can login and view or print their statements from a web browser from anywhere in the world.  The account holder's information is secured by 128-bit encryption.

It's Easy!  You simply sign up for the service with FullPace Web Solutions, install FWUpload onto your Funderware computer, then upload your statements right from your Funderware Statement Preparation screen.  You can notify your account holders of the availability of their online statements by an email notification process.  And that's all there is to it.

To learn more about providing online statements, click on the links above, then give us a call at 405.842.8084.

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