Online Statements for Funderware users

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Requirement #1 - Funderware 2007
You must be a Funderware user.  Funderware version 2007 and higher is required to allow uploading your account holder statements for online access.  If you have questions about the version of Funderware that you are using, contact the Funderware publisher.

Requirement #2 - Broadband internet connection
The computer that you use to generate your Funderware account statements must have a broadband connection to the internet.  If your internet connection is a DSL line or Cox Cable, then you have a broadband connection.  Actually, the FWUpload program will work with any internet connection, but with dial-up internet service it could take a significant amount of time to upload your account statements each month.  If you have questions about this requirement feel free to contact us and we will take the time to help you determine if your internet connection will be a problem.

Requirement #3
You must have a desire to save your foundation money by reducing your printing and mailing costs.  It doesn't take too long to calculate how much money you could be saving by providing your account holders online access.  Just the cost in postage could be significant.